Spaarne Gasthuis

Het Spaarne Gasthuis (hospital in the west of the Netherlands) wanted to play a more pro-active role in the relation with their clients and decided to organise theme events. These could be attended if you are a patient, has a relative that is dealing with an illness or simply because you are interested in the subject. It was set up with a lighthearted touch with serious content.

Apart from the core event there were other activities and related topics were touched upon as well. Three events took place, Gala van de vrouwenkwaaltjes (female specific issues), Villa Vitalis (how to get older with a better health) and Dromenstelers (family play how to deal with cancer in the family).

Project: Create an overarching sub identity based on the group identity. I’ve used the steps as a metaphor for the stage. Design posters, banners and other touch points per event.

Besides the posters I’ve made a reskin of their intranet. Creating all the assets such as color, type styles, graphic elements and set up a grid. With these they could update the pages themselves and at their own pace.