The Dutch Olympic sport federation (NOC*NSF) wanted an identity for TeamNL. TeamNL is the selection for top athletes representing the Netherlands during the big global events e.g. the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is also the brand to connect to the fans, families, friends and supporters whereas the NOC*NSF took care of the ‘cold’ side of sport such as regulations and legislations.

Winning the pitch allowed me to work on the creative but also develop the brand architecture. The outcome was a monolithic where the tulip icon is the constant factor.

The identity has been implemented in multiple touchpoints; literature, the Olympic Experience, boarding, outfits, branding of training facilities and branding of items used by TeamNL such as the bikes, suitcases and many more.

Across the country there are many training facilities where TeamNL is present with large murals, posters and billboards to engage with the supporter but also to support and stimulate the athletes.